BackIT Online Backup for Home Users

BackIT Online Backup is proud to provide a robust, technology leading online backup application for home use. The functions and features included in our online backup software are key to not only securely backing up data, but easily restoring it from any point in time from any device.

Super Powerful Backup

BackIT Online Backup has the fastest initial upload speeds worldwide. Compared against other leaders in the market, data is uploaded twice as fast. Cloud computing concept

Unlimited Data Archiving

Unlimited archiving and versioning is a significant feature of BackIT Online Backup. No matter when you backed up a particular file, that file can be restored from any point in time, forever!

Backup Multiple Computers

BackIT Online Backup lets you backup all your PCs in your home, not just 1 or 2 like most other providers. This allows you to secure all of your laptop and workstation data in the cloud. Cloud computing concept.

BackIT Online Backup supports PCs, Macs, Android & ios devices. Access your backup data anytime, anywhere.

Military-Grade Security

BackIT Online Backup secures your data in military-grade data centres. These centres are located around the world (see security page for locations), to remove the risk of your data being compromised by a natural disaster. Cloud computing, security

Data being backed up by our Online Backup software is encrypted locally, during transit, and at the data centre.